beach photography – dana point, california

love this beach.  over my winter break a few months back I went for a little beach walk with my Grandparents (who you can see in two of the photographs) and I just love taking photos there! In one photo I even grabbed a snapshot of a couple who looked gorgeous as silhouettes against the ocean. anyway just thought I’d share since it’s so close to summer and it’s time to start thinking beach-y thoughts! :)

lying on the beach at night

I breathed him in,

the smell of him mixing

with the salt of the sea

the chill of the night

the warmth of the sand.

and it was his arms that held me

as I rested my head

into the nook where his arm

meets his chest,

and I held him back,

he the buoy that saves

the swimmers life,

he the lighthouse when

the storm is raging,

he the song of the gull

in the early morning,

he the fire that

lights me.