enjoy the rainy days

Stormy weather can ruin a lot of opportunities.

For instance, you can’t do laundry when it’s raining, because you need both hands to carry your laundry basket for the 10 minute walk to the laundromat, but you can’t hold an umbrella at the same time and so will ultimately be soaked in the process. And since the rain will continue to pour for hours, your clean, dry clothes will only get wet anyway. Laundry day is out, then.

You may also have an incredible desire to sit outside in your beautiful campus to admire the setting and write, but you’re stuck inside, huddling for heat under blankets and staring out your wet windowpane and instead, admiring your view of the opposite dorm’s wall.

The rain also makes you lazy – since you have successfully escaped the cold, wet outside for the warmth of a dorm heater and comfy pajamas, all you want to do is nap and waste the day away, when you really should be doing more productive things, like homework, research, reading, essays…

Yet, the rain can also create new opportunities.

It feeds the tree roots and nourishes the water and the ground. It seems to clean everything, the world, the buildings, the city, even your own soul.

It brings you closer to people, as you huddle close to others in the warmth of shelter, united with a common agitation towards being soaked and an exhilaration from a change of routine.

Here’s what I do, when my plans are cancelled because it rains:

  1. First and MOST IMPORTANT – don’t STRESS about the rain, even if it ruins the plans for your day. Take a deep breath and truly enjoy it. Everyone always talks about singing or dancing in the rain, but have you ever actually tried it? I personally dare you to ditch the umbrella, get your hair wet, and just soak up every drop. Let it all just run over you and refresh your soul and spirit. Don’t stay out too long, though – head inside, take a hot shower, and appreciate the comforts of your home.
  2. Create a playlist for the rain – it’ll calm you as you drive or walk to wherever you need to go to on a rainy day. I suggest: Bon Iver, Mumford and Sons, Florence + the Machine, the Civil Wars
  3. Read, read, read! Sit in a warm coffee shop, library, or underneath your blankets at home and finish reading a good book. I suggest: Stardust by Neil Gaiman, anything by Sarah Dessen, poetry books, any book you’ve never finished
  4. Be crafty – draw or paint something (maybe what it looks like outside, wherever you are), write a letter, crochet/knit/sew, scrapbook, create a collage – anything that will get your creative juices flowing! I suggest: make a craft as a present for someone special, not just for you!
  5. Sleep in or take a nap – you truly deserve it (and I’m not just saying that!)
  6. Work on that puzzle you’ve always wanted to finish!
  7. Look up a subject you’ve always wanted to learn more about online, on Wikipedia, in an encyclopedia or a book, and learn something new.
  8. Make your brain work by looking up Sudoku, word puzzles, or crosswords in the newspaper or online.
  9. Buy a cheap waterproof camera and head to your favorite beach, park, or neighborhood, and document what you see.
  10. Pop in your favorite movie and snuggle up with your loved ones (boy/girlfriend, pet, family, anything you can cuddle with :) I suggest: Can’t Buy Me Love, Across the Universe, Disney
  11. Don’t just make your typical hot cocoa – add some ice cream to the mix! Just make a mug of hot cocoa, scoop yourself some vanilla ice cream, and drop it into your drink. So delicious! I suggest: java chip or coffee ice cream tastes DELICIOUS with warm cocoa!
  12. Look up recipes online and cook or bake something you’ve always wanted to do when you had time. Preferably make something warm to heat you up!
  13. Spend time with loved or little ones – break out the board games, the family albums, the children’s books – anything to bring the family together.
  14. When it gets dark, make a fort with your kids or loved ones out of blankets, sheets chairs, and any other furniture in the room. Be creative and inventive – make it as big as you can, as long as you can, as high as you can! You’ll be so happy and giddy as you please your inner child’s desire to play.

What do you like to do in the rain?

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  1. I like to check email, and find these great postings on my current favorite blog! Yes, raining her too. Keep warm, and drink lots of hot chocolate!

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