Custom Poetry

Have a little piece of The Future Novelist, and support a starving college graduate at the same time!

Custom $1 Poem Request!

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Need an anniversary gift for your loved one? Need an inspirational Instagram caption or Facebook post? Need a last-minute holiday gift or birthday surprise? Or just want to own a piece of un-published poetry from a starving artist?

Megan will write you a short poem about any subject for just $1! You can even request a custom subject for an extra $1!

Use the form below to choose your poem's subject and form.

FOR ONLY $1, your poem will be:

  • 5-10 lines long
  • a haiku, a few rhyming couplets, or in free-verse
  • 100% original
  • delivered by email within 1-5 days from purchase

If "Custom" was selected in the Subject dropbox menu, please describe (briefly) the subject you'd like the poem to be about. This will cost $1 extra.

By not checking this box, I do NOT consent to The Future Novelist to publishing this poem on their website, for any reason. This poem is private. 

If this box is checked, I may post this poem in the future, and will list you as a benefactor. I will only list first name and last initial. 

Your invoice will be sent via PayPal to the email you listed above. Your invoice MUST be paid BEFORE poem will be sent electronically. Thank you for your support!